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Palm Beach Technologies provides expert level IT talent to companies in South Florida. We specialize in bringing state of the art technological solutions & best of breed marketing practices to your company. Our clients are typically small to medium sized businesses who just do not have the time to develop their own full blown IT staffs. Our solutions are all based on individual client need and to best help our clients, prior to taking on any new potential client or strategic partner, we come to you and perform a needs assessment. From this needs assessment we can write a proposal of services that matches what the client needs, and develop a true working budget.

Our combined experience shows that without proper research, most projects are doomed to failure from day one. That's why our clients love us, we do the research, develop the plan, then manage every aspect from soup to nuts, ensuring your projects are completed on time and within budget. Strength comes in numbers. John D. Rockefeller once said, “ I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts”, and that is why we at Palm Beach Technologies are consistently successful. We utilize the brightest talent in South Florida, manage their efforts effectively, and produce solutions that exceed expectations. For your firm, utilizing our services means one point of contact from start to finish, one check to write, and service that exceeds your expectations! Below you will find some of our Key Team Members.

Gary Lemmons

Gary J. Lemmons - Principle Director, CEO

Leadership, accountability and integrity are just a few of Gary's core qualities. By leading though example, He directs Palm Beach Technologies vision and workforce, leveraging  three plus decades of experience developing and introducing high tech products. As CEO of PBT, Gary's direct experience and strategic partnerships are leveraged daily for local, national and international firms. His strong communication abilities shine in all our projects, products, and services making Palm Beach Technologies the clear and undisputed leader in IT solutions providers.

Joe Woolf

Joe Woolf - Senior Systems Analyst, COO

Born & raised in South Florida, Joe started computers learning Basic programming when he was 11years old. He has then graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 1998, worked for A Better Computer of Delray until 2011, then started with Palm Beach Technologies in 2012. Joe has a strong skill set with Apple Computer products ranging from iPhones to Mac Servers as well as integrating with PCs. He is also strong in server management of Mac and Windows Servers, Network Installation, Custom workstation and server building.

William Hargett

William Hargett - Comptroller, CFO

Billy, a graduate of Auburn University, has a degree in accounting and has been in the accounting industry for over 30 years. His financial management skills are essential in our day to day operations as well as fully beneficial in working toward the needs of our clientele.

With his vast business experience, Billy keeps the company rolling with his vibrant business acumen.